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"Henry White" 
performs as historic characters and in period costume;
imitates wax and plaster statues using total immobility 
or 'miming' a serier of poses.
Beyond immobility, this work represents meditative research 
and a way of communicating through silence, 
by the classic iconography of the sculpture.
The performance is based on the idea of a human being using 
a complete and intended passive state 
in order to provoke strong emotional interaction 
between himself and his audience.

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You'll find Isaac Newton , a baroc Mercurio,  the 'man-building', Napoleon, 
Casanova, The Great Hussar, Cicerone, Stnedhal, the poet D'Annunzio, etc..


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"Henry White" performs at public and private occasions 
including trade fairs, open-days and steet parties.
For further details    e-mail:
 telephone: (039) 0438   992106 (tel/fax) 
or (039) 349 6936083


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